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Two Reference Books Edited by Teacher from School of Forestry Published

Recently, two reference books edited by Liu Qi Jing, a teacher of school of forestry, including China Standing Timber Table and New Era of Chinese-English Forestry Dictionary, have been published at the same time by the China Forestry Press.

The two books cost Liu more than ten years to finish. In the preparation process, he had to deal with more than 4,000 kinds of data, and run the compiler many times. All the work like book data input, test and correction, layout edition and cover design were finished merely by Liu. Forestry Press attached great importance to the two books and used the most advanced intelligent publishing software, which greatly help to eliminate the error existing in the cross-reference, page index and other aspects. Moreover, the paper two books used was high-quality paper dedicated for dictionary, and books was published as hardbacks.

The publication and distribution of the two books is of great significance to the promotion and application of forest resources survey and forestry production, which is helpful to forestry research and forestry resource management. Undoubtedly it is a milestone in forestry publications in China.

China Standing Timber Table has about 131 million words, containing more than 2000 vertical timber table and the volume equation from all over the country. So far it is the most comprehensive forestry tool book with the largest number of volume tables. The material included in the book is based on the volume table from other areas, and the editing method of the volume table is improved. The compression technology is used to introduce the volume difference and avoid the length of the table. The layout of the tables mostly is not more than one page, which greatly save space, and make it easy to find.

New Era of Chinese-English Forestry Dictionary (edited by Liu Qijing, Wang Huimin) contains 115 million words, providing two ways for searching including Chinese vocabulary 53,000 and English vocabulary 49,000, which are arranged in the index form. The vocabularies refer to forestry and other related fields including forest ecology, forest measurement, forest cultivation, forest management, forest chemical industry, forest harvesting, timber processing, forestry machinery. The book by far includes the most Chinese and English entries among the same dictionaries.