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BFU Students from School of Landscape Architecture Won the 2017 ASLA Student Award

On August 31, 2017, the American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the list of winners of the ASLA Student Award in 2017. There were 26 groups of students standing out from the total 295 groups, receiving 7 different categories of awards including the General Design Category, Residential Design Category, Analysis and Planning Category, Research Category, Communications Category, Student Collaboration, and The Student Community Service Award.

This year students from 22 universities all over the world won the 2017 ASLA Student Award, and our College of Landscape Architecture students won the Analysis and Planning Category Award. The topic of the research program is landscape in evolution: creating a resilient nomadic landscape from bottom up in Hulunbuir. The team is made up of 6 students from school of landscape architecture named as follows: Jingyi Liu, Menghan Zhang, Mingrui Wang, Nating Li, Juelin Zhou and Erji Shang. And their faculty advisor is Qing Lin, professor from the school. The committee commented the program: “It creates spaces that acknowledge that Japan is an aging society with a low birthrate. We need to create spaces to accommodate this demographic change.”

In recent years, teachers and students from School of Landscape Architecture have won the award many times in the ASLA, IFLA and other international competitions, greatly showing the professional strength of teachers and students. Winning this award is also conducive to improve the international level of the college. we continue to look forward to more successes from teachers and students of School of Landscape Architecture in the international arena.