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Our School Rose 7 in the ESI Rankings in July

The latest ESI data released on July 13 (data coverage on January 1, 2007 - April 30, 2017) showed that there were totally 5465 institutions over the world appearing on the list. Our school ranked No. 1805, rising 7 from the last ranking.

 In China, there are a total of 16 agricultural University on the list. Our school ranked No. 6 (first to fifth including China Agricultural University 603, Nanjing Agricultural University 903, Huazhong Agricultural University 971, Northwest A & F University 1117, South China Agricultural University 1454), and among the forestry institutions and research institutes, the school ranked first (Northeast Forestry University 2093, Chinese Academy of Forestry 2554).

Among the 16 domestic agricultural and forestry institutions on the list, 10 were nominated for ESI 1% of the discipline. China Agricultural University 10 disciplines topped the list, followed by Nanjing Agricultural University and Huazhong Agricultural University 7, Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University 6, and 3 of our school and the Northeast Forestry University tied for fourth. The nominated disciplines of these universities shared commonly in plants and animals (15), agricultural science (13), environment / ecology (5).

Our schools ranking on being selected as the ESI 1% of the discipline has been steadily improved. There are 1147 nominated institutions in the field of plant and animal discipline, and our school ranked 388, rising 7 from the last ranking. Furthermore, there are 777 in the agricultural sciences, our school ranked 380, rising 4, and 844 in the environment / ecology, our schools ranking moved up 7 places to 717.

The number of high-impact papers in our school has steadily increased. In this issue, a total of 54 papers were selected for high-impact papers, 5 more than the previous issue. In terms of this, our school ranked fifth in the list of agricultural and forestry universities (China Agricultural University 170, Huazhong Agricultural University 106, Nanjing Agricultural University, 102, Northwest A & F University 85). Among the the list of forestry institutions and research institutes, our school ranked first (Chinese Academy of Forestry 22, Northeast Forestry University 15).