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Yujie Wang

Yujie Wang, Vice President of the University. He was born in Inner Mongolia in January 1960, with Han nationality. In December1982, he started to join the Chinese Communist Party, and in August 1984, he participated the work. He is doctor, professor, and the doctoral tutor. He is the standing committee of the university party committee, and the vice president of the university.

He was the former deputy director of the Library of the Beijing Forestry University, the

deputy director of the teaching affair office, deputy director of the library, the secretary directly under the party branch, and the minister of the organization party committee and other positions. In 1993, he studied in Japan for one year. In July 2008, he served as deputy university-level cadre at Beijing Forestry University. He went to Xinjiang for a three-year term(temporary positions) in September 2008, during which he served as a party member and vice president of Changji College. Since the June in 2016, he has been the standing committee of the university committee and vice principal of the university.

He is in charge of finance, forestry, health care, and family planning work. He is in charge of the Planning and Finance Department, Experimental Forest Farm, School Hospital, Family Planning Office, attached primary school of the BFU, and neighborhood committees. He contacts the Institute of Technology, College of Soil and Water Conservation.