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Youqing Luo

Youqing Luo, the vice president of the university. He was born in October, 1960 in Zhejiang Province. He joined in the Communist Party of China in June, 1991, and he started to work in November, 1985. He is entitled to doctor, professor and doctorial tutor. He is in the Standing Committee of the current university party committee and the vice president.

From October, 1978 to July, 1982, he studied in the major of Forestry Protection in Nanjing Forestry Industry University (now Beijing Forestry University), and graduated with his bachelor degree. From September, 1982 to November, 1985, he spent his graduate learning time in the major of forestry protection in Beijing Forestry College (now Beijing Forestry University), and graduated with his master degree. He became a teacher there in November, 1985 during which he specialized in PhD ecology on his job, and gained his doctor degree. He was entitled to the associate professor in March, 1993 and professor in March, 1995. From December, 1993 to August, 2008, he was appointed, successively, as the vice-president of the College of the Forest Resource and Environment, the division head of the office of science and technology of the university, vice-president of the College of Biology and the College of the Resource and Environment and the president of the College of the Resource and Environment (now the College of Forestry). In August, 2010, he was in the Standing Committee of university and the vice-president of the university.

In 2006, he was entitled to special term professor of the Yangze River Scholar, the leader of the innovative team of the Education Department, the leader of national excellent teaching group. He was one of the first talents of the National New Century Talents project.

He was focusing on the ecological management of the forestry boring insects and on the prevention and control of the forestry of the invasive insects. He has published over 60 theses, books and textbooks. He, successively, has hosted the national project of tackling key problems in science and technology, the national fundamental research (973), the national key project of natural science fund, the Henry Fok fund, the fund of doctoral program and many other projects of international cooperation. He has won the national second award for scientific and technological advancement, the provincial first award for scientific and technological advancement, the Liangxi Award of Chinese Forestry Association, university youth fund project of Henry Fok, and so on. He was entitled to the famous teacher in university of Beijing, the backbone teacher of the Education Department and the advanced worker of Beijing. He has won the award of the Youth in Beijing and has been bestowed the governmental special allowance from the State Council.

He is in charge of the work of the undergraduate education, continue education, sports department, informatization, the research of university teaching. Meanwhile, he was also in charge of the (nursery garden) office of academic affairs, the college of the continue education, physical education department, the library, the museum, the information center and the office of university teaching. He is also the bond of the college of biology, science and the college of art and design.