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Eco-Civilization Bimonthly Forum Focused on Global Climate Control and Forestry Responsibilities

Recently, experts gathered at the second seminar of ecological civilization bimonthly forum, aiming at in-depth discussion on global climate control and forestry responsibilities. These experts were mainly from the Science and Technology Division and Survey Planning and Design Institute of State Forestry Administration, Beijing Landscaping Bureau and Beijing Forestry University.

Experts generally held that the Paris Agreement reached in 2015 was a hard-won common vision for more than 190 countries, which urged them to work together to promote green and low-carbon development. In the context of the uncertainties in the implementation of the Paris Agreement, our government firmly supported its implementation, and further strengthened the national policy action to cope with climate change. Most importantly, we tried every effort to fulfill the commitment that we made, and retain the good image of a responsible country unswervingly.

 It is necessary to systematically analyze the contribution of Chinese forestry to global climate change, focus on new requirements, and set new goals, key areas and major tasks. We should strengthen the academic support and talents training for forestry, which help to cope with climate change and other related problems. Experts called on forestry colleges to strengthen cooperation and innovation, and become a positive part in addressing climate change by science and education.

The meeting was co-sponsored by the Secretariat of the Chinese Forestry Education Society, the Green Communication Research Center of Beijing Forestry University and the Beijing Forestry Carbon Sequestration Office (International Cooperation Office). Professor Li Tizheng presided over the seminar.

Ecological Civilization Bimonthly Forum was jointly sponsored by the Secretariat of the Chinese Forestry Education Society and the Green Communication Research Center of Beijing Forestry University. It is designed to organize the relevant high-level experts and scholars to resolve the major theoretical and policy problems of key areas in ecological civilization construction. They always conduct in-depth discussions, submit policy recommendations, discuss solutions, and make huge contribution to ecological civilization construction and green development.

The Forum's first seminar was successfully held on May 18, which focus on forestry education innovation in the context of "One Belt and One Road", producing fruitful achievements and proposing a series of policy recommendations. The contents of the seminar were widely reported by Guangming Daily, China Education, China Science, China Green Times and other media.