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“Green Long March” Practice Group on the University of Macau

Recently, our school’s “Green Long March” practice group came to the University of Macau(UM), and officially unveiled a week of green publicity and research practice. The practice group attempted to further expand the influence of our school’s green activities, but also to broaden the horizon of green volunteers, and even to promote the success of “Green Long March” activities.

At the exchange forum with UM, the head of the Student Affairs Department of UM gave a detailed introduction to the contents, characteristics and initiatives of the school student affairs management, and introduced the green ideas and energy-saving technologies of UM. The leading teacher briefly Beijing Forestry University(BFU) introduced the school's history, school philosophy, group work and the basic situation “Green Long March” activities. The two sides discussed actively on the student affairs management, student art troupe, student organizations, community organizations, and student employment. Furthermore, the two sides exchanged views and reached a consensus on the next bilateral exchanges and cooperation. After the meeting, the two sides exchanged souvenirs.

Before the forum, members of the Green Long March Practice Group visited the Macao University Exhibition Hall, the library, some colleges and so on.


The National Youth Green Long March refers to national youth green environmental practice activities, which have been organized by BFU since 2007 alongside with more than 40 colleges. During the 10 years, it directly affects more than 30,000 college students and the society. This year's activities aim to implement the spirit of ideological and political work in colleges and organize the practice team to Macao, Tibet, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and other important cities belonging to the Silk Road. They mainly carry out a series of activities for green publicity. Next, the Green Long March group of Macau will pay a visit to the Macau Electric Power Company and bus companies to conduct clean energy research, and to the park and community for green survey. The group also will carry out green consultation activities for the public.