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About BFU
Beijing Forestry University £¨BFU£©is as one of the key universities directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is a multi-disciplinary university---that not only features in forestry, environmental and biological sciences but also runs programs in other sciences ,engineering, liberal arts, management , economics, law and fine arts£®It is among the first universities to enjoy the privileges of the national ¡°211 Project¡¯s¡± and ¡°Action plan¡° for Education Revitalization toward the 21st Century BFU consists of thirteen co11eges and school which offer fifty Bachelor¡¯s Degree programs ,fifty Master¡¯s Degree programs, twenty-eight Ph D programs, and four post-doctoral programs, as well as Master of Agricultural Extension and Master of Engineering for the professional ,The current number of students exceeds 20,000.

The University has 650 full-time faculty members ,of whom 337 are full and associate professors£®Among them,141 are supervisors of Ph£®D. programs and five are academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering£¨CAE£©£®The faculty have made numerous achievements in forests silviculture, soil and water conservation, tree breeding, garden flowers and plants, and landscape architecture.

With its strong faculty and strict academic attitudes. the University has educatedover40.000 domestic and overseas students, including eleven academicians of Chinese Academy of Science £¨CAS£© and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and l2 provincial£¯ministerial 1evels£®In the past few years, more than ten students have won awards at the IFLA-UNESCO International Competition for Landscape Architecture students.

The University has established scientific and educational cooperation with over forty Universities and research centers in more than twenty countries and regions on over twenty programs, including the joint Bachelor¡¯s degree in Turfgrass Management with State University.

Taking the national ¡°211 Project¡¯s¡± and the ¡°Action plan¡° for Education Revitalization toward the 21st Century¡¯ as opportunities for development , the University has widened its scope of research and the focus on forest silviculture enjoys undisputed advantages and characteristics.

BFU has more then forty research centers, including the SFA Center for Nature Reserve Research China's Training Center for Desertification Combating, Center for Forest Biology and Center for Improved Seeds Breeding£® Its over thirty teaching and research bases are distributed all over the country By undertaking major research projects from the National Science Foundation, the national ¡°Key Project¡° program, and the national ¡°863 Plan¡° program, the University has made numerous research achievements in silviculture, soil and water conservation, desertification combating , forest genetics and breeding, garden plants, landscape architecture, and forest economy and management, It has won over 200 awards at both national and provincial / ministerial levels.

The University has undertaken research in the anti-drought afforestation technology and the integrated efficiency of soil and water conservation forest system for the Loess Plateau, as well as research and development for the national ecological forest engineering technology ,to provide scientific support for ecological forest belts along Yellow River ,Yangtze River, the coast and Tai-hang Mountain range , environment in the west of China.

Fifty fine clones have been selected for the triploid Chinese white poplar bred and industrialized by the forest genetics and breeding group. It has been planted in large numbers in northern China with huge economic and social benefits£®The breeding of Chinese white poplars and fine flowers has formed the characteristic industry for the University.

Through research and development in garden plants, the University has established breeding bases for flowers and plants and a garden for fine plum blossom varieties, It has made major achievements in the genetic breeding and planting of flowers and plants, culturing over 100 fine varieties of plum blossom, ground -cover chrysanthemum , C. Nitidissma . It takes a leading position worldwide in the research and culture of plum blossoms.

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